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Breast Cancer Journey Treasuring Map

Treasuring Your Loved One on the Breast Cancer Journey

These different threats to a woman’s emotional needs can affect her attitude, her mood, and her emotional state of mind.

What breast cancer takes away, you can help recover.

You can help her feel the supportive feelings again.

Let’s list these eight supportive feelings:

  1. Feeling loved
  2. Feeling respected
  3. Feeling safe
  4. Feeling understood or validated
  5. Feeling like she belongs
  6. Feeling attractive
  7. Feeling healthy
  8. Feeling calm, peaceful, accepting.

Each of these feelings is natural for her.

When she is in her best health, she feels these regularly.

Breast cancer can bury those feelings from her sight.

She can forget how valuable she is.

She is like a buried treasure, that can’t uncover itself.

That’s why she needs you to help her recover those feelings so that her inner beauty shines out.

So, how do you help her recover those feelings.

By treasuring her during the breast cancer journey.

Click on the underlined text to learn more about helping your loved one rediscover her inner beauty on the breast cancer journey.