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life map of common life moments- stressed out by breast cancer

Life Moments Are Stressed Out by Breast Cancer

Breast cancer disrupts personal life.

When she discovers that she has breast cancer, her life does not stop.

All of the personal moments that she would normally experience still happen.

There are birthdays and birth days.


Happy moments in the family and trying times, like illness or death among other family members and friends.

All of these personal moments are amplified with stronger emotions and feelings.

More intense.

Sharper mood swings.

Acute fear and anxiety.

Sometimes those feelings can cause greater stress and distress on her body, mind, and heart.

Your loved one wants to feel connected with those she loves.

Yet she may feel even more isolated and desolate when life moments occur.

Can you see why it is important to make her feel like she belongs?

Breast cancer threatens her personal happiness.

How can you gain understanding of her circumstances, so you know what to say or what to do?

Click on the underlined text to learn about the eight supportive feelings that you can encourage with your care and support.