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map of emotions felt on the breast cancer journey

How Her Feelings Are Shattered By Breast Cancer

Look at the emotions spread out all over Emotions Map above. 

These are some of the common, major feelings that come and go during the breast cancer journey. 

Your loved one will experience many different emotions when she has breast cancer. 

Many of those feelings can be destructive when held for a long period of time.

Now, let’s remember that feelings are only feelings. 

Many feelings that women experience on the breast cancer are very natural. 

Every feeling is okay to have, as long as it doesn’t dominate your loved one’s attention over a longer period of time.

If that does happen, please help your loved one seek the help of a qualified mental health professional.

 Some of the major emotions and feelings that your loved one (and you) may experience include:

  •  Anger (frustrated, annoyed, and more)
  • Depressed (sad, discouraged, despairing, doubtful)
  • Afraid (uncertain and anxious)
  • Overwhelmed (shocked, denial)
  • Guilt (remorseful, regret)
  • Lost (isolated, ugly)
  • Hopeful (and other positive emotions, like love, joy and more).

Many scientists and medical professionals agree that emotions can impact health and the recovery.

Left by herself, without support from her family and friends, your loved one can drown in a whirlpool of negativity.

And it’s not just your loved one’s emotions or well being that are shattered. 

Your life, and the lives of all who love her, are raided too. 

Breast cancer disrupts life.

Things are not the same when a life-threatening disease comes.

Her life is threatened, which includes her physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Your loved one wants to feel safe from any harm. Breast cancer puts her health at risk and challenges her safety.

Women with breast cancer tend to feel isolated.

This is especially true when society puts so much emphasis on a woman’s appearance. 

She wonders if people still love her. She wonders if she still belongs to the same social groups.

Can you see why it is important to make her feel like she belongs?

Breast cancer threatens her self-esteem.

She has to come to grips with her self-worth when she’s dealing with an illness.

Yes, she is still the same person. Yes, she has unlimited worth. But breast cancer can make her question that.

And what else?

Her regular life moments get more stressed when she has cancer.

Click on the underlined text to learn what happens to the ordinary joys and pains of living when she has breast cancer.