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map of the big picture of the breast cancer journey

Why the Concept of the Breast Cancer Journey?

All of life is about a journey, going from one place to another, growing from youth to an older age, experiencing new directions in living. 

Breast cancer is a journey, too. 

The journey starts when breast cancer is discovered. 

The destination is survival. 

And traveling between the start and the destination takes place in every day living.

Look at Big Picture Map shown on the right. 

This map offers a big picture of the breast cancer journey. 

Like all maps, this big picture map shows possible destinations and directions that the journey may take. 

When your loved one travels on this journey, you don’t know exactly what she will encounter as she goes from place to place.

 The value of having a big picture map is that it shows the terrain of the journey. 

With a big picture, you can anticipate what your loved one may experience on the way to survival. 

Staying aware of what is happening right now and what the next step involves makes the journey less stressful for safe arrival.

As your loved one travels along the breast cancer journey, there will be plenty of detailed “local maps” provided through the consultations, publications, and advice of dedicated health professionals.

So many of these professionals are caring, knowledgeable, and devoted to treating women with breast cancer. 

They can help your loved one navigate the ditches, the hills, valleys, and swamps into the most effective path to healing. 

Her professional team will help her avoid the piracy of breast cancer from stealing health from her body.

Where you come in, as a valuable companion to give her support, is helping keep the the emotional side of the breast cancer journey stable.

Read more about the how the journey starts. Click on the underlined text, The Discovery of Breast Cancer.