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photo of dave pipitone, treasuring women with breast cancer

About this Website

Hi, my name is Dave Pipitone, founder of Treasuring Women with Breast

I invite you to use this site for the information and resources to show your support to your loved one who has breast cancer.

My wife survived breast cancer in 2009 after a lumpectomy, mastectomy, and implant surgeries. Her mother died a month after my wife’s diagnosis.

It was a scary, difficult, and challenging time.

Fortunately, she survived and is doing well. 

During that time, I was the chief means of emotional support for my wife. I developed a practice and system of treasuring her through acts of service and writing treasuring notes.

Some women die from breast cancer. That happened to my mom, whose cancer went into remission for more than twenty years and then returned when she was 88. 

I wrote treasuring notes to her when she was in hospice up to the day she passed on.

That’s what I have to offer you here as you visit this site: 

Resources and information to show your loved one your care, support, and love during the breast cancer journey. 

Breast cancer does not have the final word – love does. 

Your love and support are strong allies to fight the battle when she has breast cancer.

May you and your loved one fare well on the journey, and may your love be a guiding light during the darkness of this season in life.